Moving outlook signatures from one computer to the other

Moving outlook signatures from one computer to the other

From time to time, it happens that you get/buy a new computer and that you have to set up everything from scratch. All your software gets installed either by hand or by some sort of automated process (pushed to you by your organization or something that has been set up by you) and you get to do your work pretty fast (if all goes well!)...

When you install outlook (or office by extension) and when you use signatures, you'll be quick to figure out that they are not set-up automatically with your email account. I do not understand the reason behind this, but it is just like that. I have had this question many times over the last years and most of the time, it was just for the "migration" of only one signature... In those cases, I always said that it was easier to create the signature again on the new computer...

However, in the case that more signatures have to be migrated, then it is wise to find a solution that just takes care of it without having to do the intensive work of recreation. And because of that, I went ahead to look for a solution...

It seems that it is just as easy as copying over the contents of the %appdata%\Microsoft\Signatures folder from the old pc to the new one.

(If you cannot find this folder, the it suffices to go into outlook, to open the options window (File > Options), to open the mail tab and to click on the signatures button, while holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard. This will open the same folder as the one that I mentioned.)

The next time that outlook is started, your signatures can be found in the usual place!

Happy migrating!

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