Windows shortcuts that I use a lot

This weeks post is one with a lot less text! I really dislike having to click around in the UI of an OS/application to get things done and I love it whenever that I can take a shortcut to shave off a few seconds of the time that I would need otherwise! It happens regularly that I see other people working and see them struggle with the manual actions, which can get really time consuming from time to time.

At those moments, I really love pointing out that "there is a better way" to their approach. (yes, I can't help it...). When I initiate such an "intervention" and when the reaction is positive, one of the next topics typically is where that person can find an overview to learn more. Until now, I did not have a concise (and personal) answer. So that is why I took some time to write down (from memory) the shortcuts that I use the most on a day-to-day basis. I will continue adding shortcuts when I use one that is not yet on the list!

General operations

Context Shortcut Description
Deleting a file of Folder Shift + Del Deletes a file or folder from the machine
CopyOperation Ctrl + C Copies a text, file or folder from the machine
Cutting operation Ctrl + X Cut a text, file or folder (to paste it somewhere else)
Paste operation Ctrl + V Paste a text, file or folder
Windows Clipboard history
(from W10-1909)
Win + V Shows your cut/copy history and from here:
1. you can paste those items
2. you can pin entries if you need them regularly
3. You can also delete specific entries
Deleting a file of Folder Shift + Del Deletes a file or folder from the machine
Print Ctrl + P Print the opened file or document
Save Ctrl + S Save whatever you have open at the moment
Refresh F5

Management screens

Context Shortcut Description
Task Manager Ctrl + Shift + Esc Opens windows Task Manager
Open "run window" Win + R Provides you with a location where you can start applications
Add remove programs 1. Win + R
2. appwiz.cpl
Opens (legacy) Add/Remove Programs
Windows basic information Win + Pause/Break View basic information about your computer(system)
System management "backdoor" Win + X
(Or right click on Win logo)
Opens a context menu that shows
1. Apps and Features
2. Mobility Center
3. Power options
4. Event Viewer
5. System
6. Event Viewer
7. ...

Useful Windows shortcuts (uncategorized)

Context Shortcut Description
Emoticons picker Win + ; Posted about it here
Run as admin Ctrl + Shift + Run application Starts your application "As admin"
Open context menu Shift + F10 Opens the context menu (eg in explorer), same as right click
Open "extended" context menu Shift + Right Click

Window operations

Context Shortcut Description
Virtual desktop overview Win + Tab Shows your virtual desktops and the apps/windows/files that
1. you have open at the moment
2. that you had open in the past (to be able to return easily to these)
Switch applications Alt + Tab Switch between active windows
Minimize all windows Win + M
Show desktop Win + D Minimizes all screens and shows desktop
➡️doing this again re-appears the windows
Temporarily hide windows 1. Win + ,
2. hold Win (as long as you want to hide
Move Window to left edge of current screen Win + Left Arrow
Move Window to right edge of current screen Win + Right Arrow
Maximize Window Win + Up Arrow
Minimalize Window Win + Down Arrow
Move Window to screen on the left Win + Shift + Left Arrow
Move Window to screen on the right Win + Shift + Right Arrow
Close tab Ctrl + W

So here you are, I hope it helps you too!

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