Open Link as in Microsoft Edge when using profiles

I have been working with the new Microsoft Edge for a few months now. This browser is (just like Chrome) based on chromium and offers quite some features. You can thus compare it to google chrome with the difference that Microsoft and Google each have their own approach to quite some elements. Microsoft has published a list of reasons on why you should choose (and work with) the new Microsoft Edge. That overview can be found here

I must say that I'm really happy with it and that I don't really miss Chrome.

Today, I discovered something cool though and for that, you need some context:

Just as in chrome, you can set up multiple user profiles. In a family context this is extremely useful as it allows you to give each family member his/her personal space in that browser. A few examples can be:

  1. your personal browsing history
  2. you don't have to login/logout to/from your mail and/or other services each time when working on the family pc
  3. you can even make a profile for a specific (secret) project you are working (eg: a surprise)
  4. ...

I have chosen to work with multiple profiles which allow me to separate the identity's that I work with in my professional and personal contexts. (Employer, customer, private,...) As explained above, this allows me to sign in only once in to a specific security context and it gives me the freedom to switch easier from one context to another without having to log out everywhere or change stuff that I don't want to change. On top of this, I really save a lot of time that I can use to get more done in a day and who wouldn't want this :)

Back to my "discovery": Today I noticed that when you have multiple profiles configured in Microsoft Edge, then when you right click on a hyperlink (and open a context menu), then it allows you To open the link in question in the context of your choosing as can be seen in this image:

Open link as in Microsoft Edge

This is extremely useful when you get a mail in one edge profile, but you want to open in another profile (security context). Before, I always had to copy the link from for example an email, open another profile and then paste the link into that other browser. This did cost me a lot of time switching from one profile to another and this (new) feature will save me a lot of time. I hope it will do the same for you!

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